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INTUITIVE Marketing for Creative Endeavors

INTUITIVE Marketing for Creative Endeavors

INTUITIVE Marketing for Creative EndeavorsINTUITIVE Marketing for Creative EndeavorsINTUITIVE Marketing for Creative Endeavors

Rock Steady Reviews

Jack Hunger, Manager, The Gasoline Gypsies


“It’s a talented world we live in. Having spent my last three years managing a band on a steadily ascending trajectory, I look at the music scene around me, and take in the bands we are privileged to work with, and realize, there are a boat load of amazing, hard working musicians around us. So I ask, what sets us apart?

Enter Nancy Phares.

With years of industry experience, and a seemingly endless array of genuine friendships that always seem to help the cause, Nancy guides careers with an elegant balance between spiritual counseling and a “this is how the biz works” attitude that offers emerging artists both opportunity, and the emotional support that is so necessary to keep your eyes on the prize.
Being an artist is a challenge that the ‘real world’ doesn’t understand. Nancy is so much more than an advisor/publicist. She’s a coach. She’s a mentor. Most importantly, she’s a friend.

If you’re looking to take that next step, I strongly recommend you take the time, and have a conversation with Nancy Phares from Rock Steady Wayfinder Coaching. The worst that could happen, is that you’ll come away from it with a valuable ally. I am very careful about those I let inside the lives of my guys that are The Gasoline Gypsies. I’d give Nancy the keys to kingdom. She’s that special to all of us.” 

Jack Hunger, Manager, The Gasoline Gypsies

Sarah Seidelmann, Shamanic Healer, Author, MBI Master Coach


"Nancy!!! Where do I begin? This woman has helped me to see so many fun and PERFECT opportunities for me this year it’s crazy! Nancy can see where your talent wants to take you and who your people are. Working with her is powerful, inspirational and a hell of a lot of fun. She is LOVE. Plus she makes insanely good soup. Listen to her guidance and get ready to ROCK your creative career! " ~Sarah Seidelmann 


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Nadir Omowale, Artist, Producer, Mentor


"Nancy has been my publicist, my friend and my confidant for many years now. We've worked together on projects large and small, from album releases to small club dates, from the Michigan State Fair to the most amazing backyard barbecue concerts you could imagine. Through it all she has maintained the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and most importantly, of wonderful human beingness...

Additionally, Nancy has been my life coach since before I knew that such a thing existed. She has a knack for sitting quietly, listening, and allowing me to share my dreams and ambitions, my concerns... and my fears. She makes sure I hold myself accountable, and gently nudges me to help me recognize when I'm getting in my own way.

I am honored and proud of the many things we have accomplished together, and I look forward to many more years of adventure in business, art and friendship." - Nadir Omowale

Alyssa Khanga, Artist, Travel Executive


"I am not sure if I have enough words to describe the difference these classes have made in my life, and how the tools you provided have helped to propel me into the next phase of my own journey. At the core, they’ve helped me to discover what even IS my journey! I have always valued any type of environment that fosters growth through shared experiences and mentoring. The tools I’ve learned through this experience have helped me professionally, and WAY more so personally, than I could have ever imagined. I am forever changed from my time with you and these classes! And I’m always eager to share my experience with Rock Steady, and do! I definitely hope to one day follow in the Wayfinder coaching path myself to help further foster musical passion and personal growth in others. 

Thank you again for everything! "

Kevin Alan Lamb, Author, Entrepreneur, This Is A Good Sound


"What a year it has been. Personally, I have experienced some of my greatest peaks, and have been tested by some of the darkest valleys... and am immensely grateful that fate brought Nancy Phares into my life in time to navigate the two. She gave me permission to let go when I needed to, and hold on when it felt right. There is a spark in each of us that must be protected; I can say without question Nancy understands the potency and purpose of mine, along with the methods to preserve their endurance..."

Kevin Alan Lamb

@goodsignman / @thisisagoodsound"

Kerri Landry, Musician, Artist, MBI Mind-Body Coach


"Working with Nancy was a true delight. She’s kind, intuitive, grounded and incredibly knowledgeable on so many fronts.  I felt supported and understood every step of the way. She brings a magical quality to everything she touches. She even brought a lightness and clarity to things that initially felt murky and heavy to me. I highly recommend working with this magical being!"

-Kerri Landry