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Sarah Seidelmann, Shamanic Healer, Author, MBI Master Coach

Nancy!!! Where do I begin? This woman has helped me to see so many fun and PERFECT opportunities for

"Nancy!!! Where do I begin? This woman has helped me to see so many fun and PERFECT opportunities for me this year it’s crazy! Nancy can see where your talent wants to take you and who your people are. Working with her is powerful, inspirational and a hell of a lot of fun. She is LOVE. Plus she makes insanely good soup. Listen to her guidance and get ready to ROCK your creative career! " ~Sarah Seidelmann  

Learn more about Sarah at www.FollowYourFeelGood.com

Jack Hunger, Manager, The Gasoline Gypsies


"Nancy’s holistic approach to artistic success comes from her own creativity and spirituality, and years of supporting writers, musicians, and artists of all disciplines, though her love of the arts and hands on practical experience.  She has an extensive background and contacts made in radio, public relations, event planning, and writing. But it’s not just her rolodex that has helped The Gasoline Gypsies move in the direction of success. Nancy tempers her business lessons with a spirituality and genuine love of her craft that will make you realize that the business end of what we do can be creatively rewarding as well.

     Our first meeting with Nancy led us down a meditative journey that had us visualizing our dreams and goals in a very real way, and before we knew it, we were off and running.  In the year or so that we’ve worked with her, we’ve recorded our best work, embarked on our first national tour, and learned to make connections, not only for business, but in a meaningful way, connecting at the heart with people who are passionate about our success.

     In a business where separating the valuable from the not so helpful can be a daunting task of trial and error, Nancy’s practical skills, combined with her passionate ability to listen to the universe, will give your goals and dreams a positive direction that will take the scariest parts of mixing your art with business, and turn them into an adventure and joyful pursuit of making a living from the gifts we’ve been given."

 ~Jack Hunger, www.theGasolineGypsies.com

Kerri Landry, MBI Mind Body Coach,


"Working with Nancy was a true delight. She’s kind, intuitive, grounded and incredibly knowledgeable on so many fronts.  I felt supported and understood every step of the way. She brings a magical quality to everything she touches. She even brought a lightness and clarity to things that initially felt murky and heavy to me. I highly recommend working with this magical being!"

-Kerri Landry www.Kerri-Landry.com