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How to Rock Steady

Rock Steady Coaching is based upon the foundation that a truly satisfying and rewarding creative life can only flow from being the most fearless, authentic version of of your soulful self. Nancy works with performers, executives, on-air talent, coaches, authors and artists... to tune in and stay true to their most amazing, magnetic, joyful selves, and then, helps them offer their work from that center of power.

Marketing from the Heart

Nancy Schoenheide Phares combines  all the myriad lessons gleaned from working in the media and entertainment industries for decades with the divine tools of Martha Beck Wayfinder Coaching. She offers a wealth of experience guiding others in tuning into their "true north star" best self, stemming from years as a radio station manager, career counselor, publicist and executive coach... she thrives on creating clear marketing messages and content that will resonate with the audience, and media, as well.

Fun is Everything!

"How Good Are You Willing to Let It Get?" 

Following your joy, rather than the well trodden path of conventional wisdom, is the epic challenge of the Hero's Journey, as defined by great American philosopher Joseph Campbell. It takes practice and dedication to tune out the inner critic in our head, and hear the music of our soul, instead. The true path forward will always feel like joy and freedom...

Let's Rock!

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