Start Me Up Special

Winter is a wonderful time to nurture new dreams...

l love the winter months for their potential for us to slow down, envision future projects, and plant future idea seeds that will flourish during the year. As I am launching Rock Steady Coaching, and in beta mode for the next few months, I am offering this introductory special. I would love to help you incubate your new 2019 projects! 

Start me up special: $750 (payable in two installments of $375 each, if you wish)

Two 60 minute “Discovery” Coaching Sessions with me (phone, Skype, Zoom or in person) to dive deep into defining where your magic lives...what truly lights you up? What does your most joyful life look and feel like? What are YOUR brilliantly unique talents, dreams, mission, and special gifts to the world? What, precisely, is the formula of your own uniquely “original medicine” to offer? Who are the people you are here to serve? Are there some past limiting beliefs lurking in the background of your mind, holding you back from shining your brightest light, that we might begin to identify and  dissolve, together?

Special writing exercises for you, in between conversations, to help you tune into your soul’s voice, and gain deeper wisdom and insight from your subconscious/higher self.

A third call/session to assess what we have learned together thus far.  We will  identify primary and secondary opportunities and establish a strategic plan, to build a stronger connection to your audience or target market.

I will provide a written summary for you to use as a road map for the year, of the core strengths and opportunities we identified , plus general timelines, a potential media and/or marketing outline...and suggested steps you (or we) can take immediately to move your project forward. 

30 day follow up call/meeting —check in, progress report, fresh energy, pep talk, inspiration, new thoughts and ideas for next steps...

60 day follow up call/meeting: Assess progress, brainstorm new opportunities, celebrate successes!

***Affordable custom packages available for two or more participants!! If you are in a band, this can be an amazing way for you to all articulate your shared vision for the future, and begin moving forward in concert with one another!

Please drop me a note or visit the scheduling link on my contact page to book a free exploratory call, let's see if magic is in the air! 

Love, Nancy