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A Mindful Tool Kit 

for Creatives on the Hero’s Journey

Defining Creatives: This course was created specifically for those who draw from the well of spirit to bring their work to life, and sometimes struggle with staying on course to follow their dreams... and a joyful path to a happy life.  This includes authors, artists, musicians, filmmakers, performers, and also coaches, soul-based entrepreneurs and executives who seek to foster positive change in the world. The mission of this course is to help YOU see clearly how YOUR work matters to the world! And then, offer you some simple tools and mind tricks to help dissolve self-doubt and limiting beliefs, to keep you more steadily on course, creating work you are proud of, with maximum fun and success along the way!

If you were venturing into the wilderness alone, you would first make certain you had handy access to the sharpest tools imaginable, to ease your passage and keep you safe, yes? On the Hero’s Journey that is Life on Planet Earth in the 21stCentury, oftentimes the scariest beasts and most dangerously dark passages are those that dwell between our own ears. This four-week Rock Steady introductory course, with Wayfinder coach Nancy Schoenheide Phares, will help you envision and embrace the path to your dream, and also offer you some highly effective and fun tools for navigating that path with joy and freedom.

Less fear, less stress. More fun, more peace. Let’s Rock!

***You may schedule these sessions over a period of up to two months, at your convenience, but for best retention and continuity, I highly recommend a session every week to ten days.

Session 1:Defining your dream life destination: What is your purpose on earth and how will you fulfill it for your most joyous life? Where are you now, in relationship to that dream? What are the obstacles to you creating this life? Why, and to whom, does your work matter, in the grand scheme of life on earth? Let’s have fun painting the big picture of your best creative life, and then gently explore what might be holding you back from moving towards it. We will work together to identify your own special “inner compass” and its particular signals, so that you will acquire a new tool and understand how to use it, consulting with your heart and soul when making life decisions, not simply your brain.

Homework: make a list of adjectives that define how you will feel inside when your dream comes true. Practice visiting there in your head, daily. (PS You do not need to share this with me, this is your private dream visualization)

Session 2:The Lizard King of Lack: Let’s explore your beliefs surrounding financial abundance and where it comes from, such as “I will never make any money at this” “It is not safe for me to follow my heart” “My parents, friends, teachers, and everyone else will think I am crazy to follow this dream” and other greatest hits of limiting belief. We will use the powerful tool of “The Work”, by Byron Katie, and help you understand and practice how to use this simple four question process on a continual basis, to help challenge, shift and dissolve limiting beliefs… those that may be holding you back from clarity…and potentially unknown sources of good fortune. 

Homework: Who is your “Everybody”? This is a fun exercise that can help hone in on who exactly inhabits that crowd in our head, the ones that we fear will judge us, belittle us and criticize our work (PS again, you do not need to share this list with me, this is for your eyes only)

Session 3:Turning Resistance into Momentum: External:an essential skill for surfing skeptics in the world, and in our heads. “Some hater wrote terrible things about me and I fear they may actually be right.” Internal:What are the obstacles or excuses that keeps you from tapping into your creative muse and generating regular work output? In this session, we will shine a light on the familiar refrains we hear about our creative work, from both outside in the world at large, and inside our heads. We will explore ways to minimize their impact on your state of peace and joy, and the ways they might be slowing your roll, using a simple tool that is part of ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy).

Homework: Notice these familiar refrains when they occur, and write them down. Make light of them by making up a catchy little song lyric to match them, so when they sail into your mind, you can immediately observe and label the resistance. “Oh, that’s just the…(insert negative self-talk or infuriating outside criticism here) song again.” Which can instantly rob it of power over you, as you make fun of it!!

Session 4: That’s a Wrap! We will spend the final session exploring your dream world again in vivid detail, note how it may have evolved since our first chat, and discuss any new ideas or thoughts that may have surfaced during the course of our time together. Then, we will lay out what we agree the logical “turtle steps” forward may be, that you can make on your own, to help the dream become reality.

Investment: $475 total for four 60-minute sessions, plus summary strategy from Nancy,

Four Weeks to More Joy, Peace and Freedom!

Four Weeks to More Joy, Peace and Freedom!

Rock Steady 202

Marketing on the Hero’s Journey: Staying True and In-Tune with your audience.

Exploring the relationship dynamics between you and your people

One of the common traps that so many talented creators fall into is the (often unconscious) limiting belief that they must somehow alter or mute the appearance of their true nature, in order to effectively offer their work to the world. This happens frequently with musicians, authors, coaches, artists, or entrepreneurs…there may be a limiting belief that marketing must fit a certain mold, in order to attract an audience. This may result in feelings of uneasiness, ambivalence, confusion or even avoidance of advertising and marketing, in general. Take heart, as nothing could be farther from the truth! There is buried treasure in diving deep into discovery about what makes your work truly significant and original, why it matters to your audience, what they need from you, and what you need from them, in a mutually beneficial relationship. This course is a four-week guided exploration of the love and affection energy connection swirling between you, your work, and your tribe. 

Hey!! Look out! There is a giant gaping trap hole in front of you on the path to joy, success and freedom! Thistrap is casually camouflaged as shiny, superficial marketing practices that may make you look like a plastic superhuman, but don’t allow any true opportunity for actual people to connect and resonate with your message. This is a pitfall that so many creators and coaches fall headlong into, when offering their work. Your “original medicine” and the singular truth of your own bright shining light, talent and life experience are your real superpowers, and what will help draw success to you, with much more ease and fun along the way. This four-week Rock Steady course with Wayfinder Coach and marketing specialist Nancy Schoenheide Phares will help you tune into the key elements that set you apart from all others, and then develop a core marketing and/or public relations strategy to offer your work in alignment with that center. 

Authenticity Rocks!

***You may schedule these sessions over a period of up to two months, at your convenience, but for best retention and continuity, I highly recommend a session every week to ten days.

Session One:Who have you become, at this moment in your evolution as a creative human being on planet earth? What is your uniquely magical combination of gifts, skills, wisdom and message? Let’s take a deep dive into who you are, and where your dream wants to take you…

In session one, we will fly together into the future, and delve into what your future dream life feels like on the inside, using the body compass and/or ideal day exercise. We will identify the feeling state of the dream picture, so we can begin to create a map and strategic marketing plan… a road to that dream place, for you to follow.

Session Two:Who benefits from your dream life, whom do your serve, through your work?  Let’s us drop in, metaphorically, and hang out with your audience. What is the state of your present relationship with these good people? We will explore exactly who it is that you serve, and how they benefit from your uniquely “original medicine.” How do you enhance the life experience of your target market? What do they need from you? What do you need from them?  Let’s get ultra-clear on this, so we can next develop a strategy to share your story. We will explore the energy flow between you and your peeps…are you currently in an energetic state of chasing recognition, or are you in the power place of attracting it? What level of comfort do have with your present system for marketing your work? Is your current relationship with your target market flowing from a place of easy reciprocal affection and appreciation, or is there an imbalance somewhere? Does fear of criticism or self-doubt about your talents hold you back? Maybe it causes you to just squinch up your face and throw your work out to the world, hoping it will somehow reach people that will embrace it? In session two, we will zoom in to identify some of your key limiting thoughts about marketing, and employ The Work by Bryon Katie, to begin to challenge and shift those beliefs. We will also look for useful metaphors and symbols along the way, that we might utilize as future marketing and communication tools, as we develop a new strategic plan for offering your work to the world. 

Session Three:The message. How to best distill and communicate your authentic story. Let’s explore how your particular audience uses media, and where do they gather in highest concentrations? Are you appealing to several different vertical markets, and in what proportions? (gender, demographics, socio economic status, education level, life experience, core beliefs, geographic location, etc.)  Let’s dive into determining how to craft messages that ring true…and will speak to, resonate with, and inspire your particular audience to action. Which messages are universal and which speak to a single niche? We will also wade into measuring your individual comfort level with utilizing various media mechanisms to deliver your messages…Public speaking, live performance, video, writing blogs, podcasts, self-produced events, and other ways to reach out to the world. Body Compass, The Power of Story

Session Four:The path forward. How are you feeling about what we have learned together? What are your short and long term, feel good, joyful next steps to fine tune your message and offer your work to the wider world? How do we gain more recognition for your original medicine and attract more recognition and abundance for you and your talents?

Summary:Provided by Nancy. A brief written outline of the agreed strengths and opportunities we have unearthed together, including suggested next steps to move forward, and a timeline for implementation.

Investment: $550 total for four 60-minute sessions, plus written strategic summary 

from Nancy. 

Authenticity Rocks!

Authenticity Rocks!